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Christopher Lowell Office Furniture

Christopher Lowell Office Furniture Combines Functionality With Home Style Good Looks

Since the 1990s, Christopher Lowell has been helping busy people with interior decorating advice. He has been the host of two TV shows, Interior Motives and It’s Christopher Lowell, where he shared his unique interior design ideas with loyal viewers. In 2000, he won an Emmy award for the latter show. He will soon be hosting a completely new show on the Fine Living channel. Meanwhile, he has a line of home office furniture that can be found at a major home office store.

Why Buy Christopher Lowell Office Furniture?christopher lowell office furniture

The unique thing that stands out most about Christopher Lowell office furniture is his flair for taking traditionally boring office pieces, and turning them into elegant furniture. That’s why this is not typically commercial office furniture, but more designed for the home. Designer office furniture has really come of age, and you no longer have to choose mundane pieces for your home office space. If you are like many people, your office shares space with a living room, bedroom or other multipurpose room. Sticking awkward pieces of office furniture into an already furnished room may result in mismatched furnishings that can be quite jarring to the eye.

Christopher Lowell seems to understand that you would want to select office furniture that is both functional and attractive. To that end, he has created designer office furniture that has the look and feel of authentic home furniture. These pieces are designed to work well in small spaces where you need room to do your work, while still enjoying the room for other purposes when not working.

One of the things that amazes people who own Christopher Lowell office furniture is that it looks like furniture that is being sold for a lot more money. Mr. Lowell has decided to keep costs down by using less expensive materials, but somehow, his pieces still manage to look impressive.

Here are some of the pieces from the Christopher Lowell office furniture collection:

Executive Desk – Why settle for a plain, no frills desk, when you can have a designer executive desk? This desk makes a strong statement with its black bottom and rustic cherry top. It has seven storage compartments for holding paperwork and supplies. It’s an awesome stand-alone piece that looks great in any part of the room.

Workcenter – This is the perfect solution if you need to have a work desk fit into a tight space. It is a stylish combination of desk and storage hutch. It’s roomy enough to hold a computer, or use it as a place to do schoolwork, scrapbooking and other tasks.

Rolling File – You’ve gotta have someplace to store your files, and this mini 2-drawer file on wheels is an ideal storage solution. It matches beautifully with the other pieces in the collection, and can be wheeled to various locations.

Bookcase – Bookcases are an office staple and this collection has two different styles to choose from. There is a horizontal 4-shelf bookcase that does double duty as a small table. The other is a vertical 4-shelf bookcase that holds books and other items. Both have that hand-carved styling that looks great in the home.

The Christopher Lowell office furniture collection features beautifully designed functional pieces that will fit in well with your existing home furniture.